Enforce Compressible Dense Mixer
Product Model:Front Feed Type & Rear Feed Type

Front Feed Type & Rear Feed Type For Dispersion Kneader Machine

Speciality For Dispersion Kneader (Rear Feed Type)

  • The mixer machine has an automatic temperature and time control system to provide a 100% mixing effect.
  • Easy to clean chamber and changing colours.
  • It mixes compounds in 6~10 minutes per batch eQur/alent to 2 units of mixing roller.
  • Pressurized and sealing mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and prevented environmetal pollution.
  • Easy to installation operation and maintenance lower running cost.

Most Suitable Kneading Application For Dispersion Kneader (Front Feed Type)

  • E.V.A. rubber & tpr, sole, rubber roller, hoses, belts, sponges, sportbolls, vibration insulator, elastic cord, sealing materials, tire, tapes, master batches, pigment, ink, automobile & electric rubber parts, chemical industry compounds.

Diagram of Three Dimensions

  1. Brake Motor
  2. Main Driving Motor
  3. Gear Box
  4. Rotor
  5. Circumgyrate Adapter
  6. Pressure Lid
  7. Pressure Lid Cylinder
  8. Mixing Chamber
  9. Chamber TiltingDevice
  10. Feed Gate
  11. Feed Gate Cylinder
  12. Dust ProtectiveCover
  13. Dust ProtectiveCover Cylinder

Power Distribution Diagram

  1. Middle Reduce Pressure
  2. Mixing Time Setting Device
  3. Mixing Time Man-Auto Switch
  4. Segment Timer
  5. Segment Timer Button
  6. The Fourth of Selector Switch
  7. Mixing Process Man-Auto Switch
  8. Alarm
  9. Temperature Control Setting Device
  10. Temperature Indicator
  11. Temperature Man-Auto Switch
  12. Dust Collector Switch
  13. Dust Collector Indicator
  14. Feed Gate Button (Rear)
    Dust Protective Cover (Front)
  15. Pressure Lid Button
  16. Mixer Chamber Button
  17. Main Motor Current Setting Device
  18. Main Motor Button
  19. Power Voltmeter
  20. Power Indicator
  21. Stop Button


Mixing Axle